boy holding potato tooth pillow with hand in plushie's mouth

Milestone magic

Losing baby teeth is an important milestone! Our tooth pillows are easy for The Tooth Fairy to use and squeezably fun for kids. And reading The Adventures Of The Tooth Brigade together makes this moment even more special!

Helpful stuff for lost teeth

Use a "SUBSTI-TOOTH" in case a tooth falls out and you can't find it, or if it gets swallowed! Yup, that happens a lot! Click the link below to print out a SUBSTI-TOOTH as well as coloring pages and other fun games!


Friends forever

Kids loving playing with The Tooth Brigade everyday! Of course The Tooth Brigade is ready to jump into action to help The Tooth Fairy when the time is right.

Print out a subti-tooth!

Can't find a tooth? Swallowed it? Guess what - It happens a lot! Just use a SUBSTI-TOOTH and The Tooth Fairy will count it as a real tooth!

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